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Wind + Solar Generator

Wind + Solar Generator

SKU: AX-00001-23

Technical information:

- 120 Watt Peak Solar Generation

- 300 Watt Max. Wind Generation

- 50 Hz AC Output

- 230 V.


Package without installation:

In the complete set, the Air Turb comes with the Base v2 Solar and the DuoVolt Wind Inverter.


Product and Operation Safety:

Because of safety reasions every Air Turb must be installed by a certified installer for optimal operation and for the validity of our warranty.

- Safety regulations: CE Marking

- Vibration protection: Yes

- Election shock safety: Grounded

- Duo Volt Protection grade: IP 21

- Base protection grade: IP 68

- Overcurrent protection: Yes


Specifications Air Turb:

- Height x Width x Width: 1.8m. x 1.14m. x 1.14 m.

- Weight:  70 kg excluding tiles

- Roof load m2 including tiles: 131 kg / m2

- Color: Ral 9016 White, Silver

- Generator type: Axial Flux


Specifications DuoVolt Wind inverter:

- The DuoVolt is placed separately on site, with a maximum distance to the Air Turb of 25 meters.

- Height x Width x Depth: 540mm. x 430mm. x 139mm.

- Weight: 25 kg.

- Power capacity: 500 Watt

- Color: Ral 9016 Black


Environmental friendly:

- Animal secure

- Noiseless

- 100% green

- Fully recyclable



- 300 Watt axial PMS Alformator
- 4 x 30 Watt Solar Panels
- 500 Watt DuoVolt Hybrid Inverter
- 25 Meter Cable Assembly
- Industrial Grade Connectors
- PVC Windpanels White
-  Anodised Aluminium Crossarms and Driveshaft
- Vibration resistant Base

  • No guarantee on power production!

    AIR TURB is working on data to calculate wind yield on all locations and all heights. However today we can not guarantee any production outcome nor the end date of our wind yield project.

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